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"Holy mount"
ultra premium
extra virgin
olive oil

Following the tradition of our family in agriculture and the production of limited high-quality organic food, we want to offer you this unique  EVO (extra virgin olive) oil.


"Holy Mount" premium EVO oil is produced only by cold extraction methods and at low temperatures, so we secure the maximum aroma and nutrients in it. The time of harvesting, the maturity of the olives, as well as the times in every level of the pressing of the olives, are extremely important specs to help us achieve the maximum health and the lowest possible acidity level. 


  But let's check together all these small details that make this olive oil so special and healthy!

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Sustainable farming

The olive tree is a living organism. It needs water, sun, oxygen, nutrients, and love. The first four are generously offered by Mother Nature. 

Our job as farmers is to find the balance and manage to offer the tree what is missing from these highly important preconditions!

We must manage that the tree has enough healthy branches and leaves to ensure that it will start producing its fruits, the precious olives.

We must ensure that the leaves will have enough sun exposure to convert the eternal light of the Greek sun into oxygen and nutrients through nature's magnificent procedure.

From these human technics and experience comes the Love!  

Looking at our logo at your left this is our story: 

A healthy olive tree leaf that offers all the essentials at the tree to create the precious olives, which, finally gives the healthiest and most important part of the Mediterranean diet, the extra virgin olive oil! 

And the unique extra virgin olive oil is eternally offering us its unique taste and nutrients, from the origins of Greek history!

The harvesting


The good quality Evo oil must have a strong fruity aroma (olive is a fruit!), a slight peppery sensation (presence of polyphenols and antioxidants), and slight bitterness (fresh olives are bitter). 

These three must be found at any healthy olive oil to be categorized as extra virgin olive oil (EVO). 


In order to ensure these unique health factors we collect our olives directly from the tree with less possible damage during the harvesting.

Next, the olives are stored in special plastic boxes that provide enough fresh air and cool conditions. In the next hours, the collected healthy and green olives must be pressed through the cold extraction pressing system methods.

Time is everything when we speak about freshness! 

The importance of the extracting conditions and proper machinery


Preserving the aromatic-taste profile and the polyphenols and antioxidants content of the fresh olives is our main target! And it is not so easy! To do so, a big variety of conditions and specs must be totally controlled.  

Proper cleaning of the fresh olives is critical. At the field directly after the harvesting the collected olives are separated by hand. At the olive oil extraction unit, strong air blowers are used to remove the leaves and wood remains. The next stage is the good washing of the olives with fresh water! All the machinery is properly cleaned before starting the procedure. 

The fresh olives become into very small pieces by mechanical cutters, then the olive "pasta" is moved to the vacuum tanks where they are mixed to create the fresh olive oil!  

Clean and perfectly preserved our olives are ready for extraction!


The extraction of the olive oil


The most important stage of the production of the EVO oil is the pressing and the extraction. Clearness and timing are everything. The fresh olives are separated from the leaves and are washed carefully. 

The machinery must be perfectly cleaned before the start of the procedure. The olives are smashed with the minimum oxygen exposure during the procedure and no water at all to ensure that the polyphenols, antioxidants, and the reach fruity aroma will remain original and naturally preserved. Smashed olives are then transferred to special tanks with controlled temperatures and conditions where they are mixed slowly to start forming the olive oil.

After precise time at the tanks, the olive mix is passing through the decanters which separate mechanically the olive oil from the solid remnants of the fruit. This is happening twice to ensure the maximum purification.


Filtering and maintenance


Our olive oil is ready. The aroma is extremely reach and fruity the taste is fresh and full of pleasant Picante flavors due to the rich polyphenols content.


Filtering is the key to preserve all these precious and unique characteristics. This is happening immediately after the extraction to get the maximum purification. After filtering the final product is stored at ISO qualified inox tanks or directly packaged in dark bottles. In any case, olive oil is protected from the sun and oxygen, its two bigger enemies.  

Maintenance is equally important with production!


At our visitable underground cellar, the conditions are perfect.  A temperature lower than 15 degrees C, controlled humidity levels as well as absolute protection from the sun and oxygen, guarantee that "Holy Mount" ultra-premium Extra virgin olive oil will maintain its extremely Low acidity (continuously between 0.08 - 0.13% the last years) from the healthiest ones around Europe!

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