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Gourmet Olive Oil

Many things are mentioned about olive oil...

Lets find out which of them is just a myth and which of them is a fact!

Olive Branch and Olive Oil

#1 Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is only for salads and dipping

Fact: Cooking with olive oil actually makes your food healthier. 


A study in the journal Food Chemistry found that phenols and antioxidants from EVOO are transferred to vegetables cooked in it, thereby increasing the nutrition content of the vegetables.


#2 authentic olive oil gets cloudy or solidifies in the refrigerator,

Fact: There is NO HOME TEST to check the authenticity olive oil.

Some oils get cloudy in the refrigerator and some don't. Quality is best checked through taste and smell–authenticity is best tested in a properly-equipped lab.


#3 like wine, olive oil becomes better with time

Fact: Olive oil, like all cooking oils, has a limited shelf life. It should be used no more than two years from bottling.

To maintain quality, store your olive oil in a cool, dark place and use the oil within a few months once the bottle is opened.

olive oil in a pot.jpg

#4 Olive oil isn't ideal for cooking because of its lower smoke point.

Fact: The smoke  is not an issue

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality of olive oil with a perfect aroma and taste, rich in natural antioxidants. These combat oxidation and improve thermal stability. Recent studies have shown that extra virgin olive oil, among other common vegetable oils, is the most stable in the heating process (exposed to 240 ° C for 20 minutes and 180 ° C for 6 hours) producing the lowest level of harmful compounds.


#5 At the supermarket we can find quality olive oil.

Fact: The main enemies of a quality olive oil are primarily light, then its maintenance temperature, which must be between 12° C and 15° C, and oxygen.

The environmental conditions in a supermarket are the intense UV lighting through ultraviolet radiation emitted by the fluorescent lamps as well as the constant temperature around 25° C, factors which make it impossible to properly maintain a quality olive oil.

a I prasini elia .jpg

#6 The presence of a bitter and/or spicy taste in olive oil is a defect.

Fact: The sense of a bitter taste in the mouth and/or a spicy taste in the throat are factors of a superior quality and freshnesh.

The intensity of bitter and spicy taste determines the content of phenols in olive oil, a valuable component for the health of the human body and the product itself. Detecting the intensity of the two characteristics in combination with the detection of the fruity aroma, constitute the organoleptic/taste evaluation of an olive oil

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