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"Holy mount"
limited production
premium quality
nomadic greek honey

According to the Greek Mythology honey was the superfood that helped Zeus, the father of all Greek gods, survive from his father madness Kronos. It kept him alive and gave him the power to become immortal and iternal!

Honey is the thing that day by day is proved (according most important scientists around the globe) to be one of the secrets of good health and longlife. To be so, it must be collected by the unstopable workers of nature, the bees, at their natural environment, the forests and mountains! 

These magnificent bees are travelling thousands km during their lifes just to collect the purest and most unique juices of nature! That makes them the "nomads" of nature!

"Holy mount premium nomadic honey" is following exactly this principal of Nature to achieve maximum pureness and taste! The bees are being moved together with their shelters around the magnificent Nature of North Greece, Mount Athos and Thassos island, following the cyrcle of Nature! Like real Nomads do!



  • From the chesnut and oak forests of Mount Athos unique microclima, where they offer us one of the reachest in antioxidants Greek honeys.

  • From the amazing mountain pine forests of Thassos where they collect our unique pine forest honey, reach in Aroma and nutrients, aromatic and sweat!

  • From the herbs and flowers of Paiko mountain at the very North of Greece, to the hills of Mount Athos area and Ouranoupoli where they collect the flower and herbs honey, unique and so healthy! 

This is why this unique honey is so special, because it is original, following what nature is giving us during the different periods of its magnificent cyrcle! 


premium "Nomadic Pine Honey"


Harvested by the unique mountains of Mount Athos area and Thassos island at the North of Greece, this unique genuine honey is offering all the unique nutrients and andioxidants. 

It is reach of fresh aromas like the pine tree and the fresh spring flowers! Soft taste and strong aftertaste make this unique honey ideal to all and especially to kids! Give it to them and make this superfood a part of their daily nutrition!



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